Aviones chinos para transporte regional en Micronesia

Harbin Y-12E Delivered to Federated States of Micronesia to Undertake Inter-Island Transport Services

Harbin Y-12E is a high wing twin-engine turboprop utility aircraft with 18 passenger seats

Harbin Aviation Industry recently signed a delivery certificate for Y-12E aircraft with AVIC International. The aircraft departed from Harbin yesterday to Kunming. In the end, the aircraft will arrive in Micronesia and undertake transportation, rescue and medical operations on the island. This is the first time that the aircraft of Harbin Aircraft has been exported to the country.

It is learned that Yun 12E aircraft is a turboprop multipurpose aircraft independently developed by Harbin Aircraft Company of China Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. on the basis of Y-12IV aircraft. It is the highest airworthiness level, the largest export volume, the largest fleet size, the performance of performance, the most stable civil aircraft. In March this year, the President of the Federated States of Micronesia led a delegation to the aviation industry Harbin Company. When inspecting the 12E aircraft at the scene, the other side bluntly, riding a comfortable Y-12E aircraft is very suitable for air and sea passenger transport between islands.

According to reports, the Federated States of Micronesia consists of 607 islands. In order to meet the domestic demand for continued growth of air transport in 2012, Micronesia and Harbin signed a contract for the purchase and delivery of Y-12E aircraft. In March last year, Yun-12E aircraft successfully obtained Type Approval (TAC) from Micronesia. It is reported that the first shipment of Y-12E delivered, it will be deployed in the western part of the country’s Yap State, to undertake inter-island air transport.


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Source:: FDRA Defensa Republica Argentina

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