Se accidenta un Growler australiano en USA

Australian DoD with the USAF to Investigate the Growler Incident at Nellis AFB

RAAF Growler jet catches fire at US base

RAAF jet catches fire at US air base following aborted takeoff

An Australian air force EA-18G Growler plane has been forced to abort a take off and caught on fire during military exercises in the United States.

“At approximately 10:45am this morning, a military aircraft experienced an incident during takeoff on the Nellis Air Force Base flight line,” the Nellis air force Base Public Affairs department said.

“The aircraft was required to abort its takeoff and subsequently caught fire. However all personnel are safe.”

The department said that emergency services are on the scene, there are no serious injuries and the incident is now the subject of an investigation.

“The cause of the incident is unknown and is under investigation.”

US media outlet The War Zone reported that the plane skidded off the runway and burst into flames at 10.45am on Saturday (5.45am AEDT).

The $300 million aircraft was severely damaged in the incident.

Pictures circulated on the internet showed what appeared to be burned panels on the aircraft’s wings and damage to the underwing special pods containing the electronic warfare equipment.

The aircraft is a variant of the F/A-18 Super Hornet and designed to suppress the enemies communications and electronic systems.

The Australian Defence department also confirmed there had been an “incident” at the Nellis Air Base in southern Nevada during ongoing Red Flag military exercises.

“Royal Australian Air Force personnel are safe and no serious injuries have been sustained. Defence is currently working with the United States air force to investigate and will provide an update with further details once known.”

Defence announced last week that 340 Royal Australian Air Force personnel had been deployed to Nevada to train in “the world’s most complex air combat environment” during Exercise Red …read more

Source:: FDRA Defensa Republica Argentina

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