Más HK416 para Noruega

New supply order of HK416s for Norwegian army

Norwegian soldier equipped with HK416 (Picture source: Wikimedia commons)

The Norwegian Armed Forces were the first customer to adopt the HK416 in 2007, Norway now has an added appetite for firearms from Heckler & Koch, a hunger they share with many other European countries. So, the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency has awarded Heckler & Koch with a running order over three years, to supply the Norwegian Armed Forces with more HK416s. The deal is worth around 22 Million Euro, approximately 25 million USD. The supply order will run over 36 months, beginning in 2019 and has an overall value of approximately 22 million Euro.

Against the background of the political efforts aiming at the realization of a European safety and defense politics Heckler & Koch has for decades equipped many European Armies with a standard assault rifle. The most prominent users are Germany (G36), France (HK416AIF), Norway (HK416), Spain (G36), Lithuania (G36), Latvia (G36) and the UK (SA80A2/A3). Added to these is a very large number of military and police commando units having adopted one or several weapon models made by Heckler & Koch.” …read more

Source:: FDRA Defensa Republica Argentina

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