El futuro de un APC tailandés

The Future of DTI’s AAPC 01 Prototyp

Prototype of DTI AAPC01 8×8 wheeled vehicle (all photos : Sompong Nondhasa)

The future of AAPC 01 cars, the prototype of the rubber wheel vehicle for the mission of the Marine Corps, according to Defense Technology Institute (DTI) with the Navy. What will it be, will it be just a research result, or will it be built to be used in the duty.

AAPC 01 is a amphibious water vessel for transporting personnel, weapons, and various devices of the battle. Land on the move from ship to shore, truck to the ship and tactical operation, land from the sea. The coast goes to the destination of the beach and continuation in the battle area.

Weight 21-30 tons, length 7-8 meters, width 2-3 meters, speed on the road 80km/h, water speed 10-15 km/h, operation range on the terriers 600 km. The Chief of the car. Car 1 Mr. Pol Drive 1 Mr. Pol 1, you can carry the infantry for less than 11 troops.

The weapon system is 30 mm, firearm system 7.62 mm, and the 400 horsepower engine, smoke bomb machine for driven on the terriers and in water, which is currently in progress and evaluation by the Marine.

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Source:: FDRA Defensa Republica Argentina

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