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Kurnass: El fantasma judío (1/2)

F-4E “Kurnass” (Martillo) Weapons and Warfare F-4E Phantom II del 201 Escuadrón de la fuerza aérea israelí en Tel Nof, Día de la Independencia 2013. La Fuerza Aérea de Israel fue el mayor operador...

Vietnam quiere comprar 12 Su-57 rusos

Russian Newspaper: Vietnam Wants to Buy 12 Su-57 Fighters Russian Su-57 fighter (photo : Sputnik) Russia has a new buyer of Su-57 fighters Russia may begin to supply the Sukhoi Su-57 fighters to Southeast...

Lituania quiere NASAMS

Lithuania to procure more Norwegian NASAMS air defense missile systems NASAMS air defense missile system during firing test. (Picture source Konsberg) According to the contract signed by the Ministry of National Defense and Norway’s...

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